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We have variety of packing materials available from our Port Macquarie depot to maintain and protect your goods whilst in transit and storage.
(Prices quoted are subject to change without notice)


Item Price (each) Bulk
Book/wine cartons $3.50 $30.00 (10pk)
Tea chest cartons $5.50 $45.00 (10pk)
Book/wine cartons 2nd hand $3.50 $30.00 (10pk)
Tea chest cartons 2nd hand $3.50 $30.00 (10pk)
Porta-Robes (for hanging clothes) $17.50
TV Carton Call for Price
Bicycle Carton $20.50
Tape $3.50 $18 (6pk)
Bubble wrap (per linear metre) $3.00
Large wrapping paper 7.5Kg$25 $15kg $50
Mattress protectors in all sizes $6.00
Sofa/lounge protectors $5.00
Dining chair covers $2.00

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